Fitcure is the new identity for David Patane's fitness studio, bringing 20 years' experience across multiple disciplines under one roof. 


4 West 18 St
New York, NY 10011


Full range including introductory free class.


David Patane


Founder David Patane has been interested in health and fitness since his late teen years.

An Illustration major at the High School of Art and Design and life long music lover and DJ, he spent his 20’s in the music industry after going to Center for Media Arts and completing the Recording and Audio Arts program.

In 1997, he began a career in the fitness industry that became an undeniably purposeful decision, leading to opening his first studio in 2003 which has been flourishing ever since. 


Many life experiences led to what David brings to Fitcure, including a childhood bout with asthma. This prompted him to learn coping strategies and to remain calm in the most dire situations, a quality he uses with customers when assisting them with stresses that connect to their concerns, be it bodyweight, movement and alignment problems or finding balance in life. 


Having the fortunate experience of interacting and learning from the top health and fitness educators, his background background runs from NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Chek Institute’s functional strength and holistic lifestyle coaching courses and PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) to in depth studies of human functional anatomy with Dr. Guy Voyer and David Weinstock’s brain based assessment and reprogramming method, Neurokinetic Therapy, both of which were hosted at the 11th street location. 

David’s underlying interests are based in proving our unending capacity to change and heal oneself through re-patterning body and mind through movement, food and ideas. His experiences prove to him that our life is not just happening but is a result of our primary thoughts and beliefs.