There are various contributing factors to lower back pain. A common cause we see at FITCURE is due to excessive pressure and compression to the discs of the spine which can be as a result of spinal muscular imbalances. Now, it may not seem intuitive at first, but we actually suspect that the majority of the population has this issue and that it is, in fact, one of the primary reasons for back pain.


Now, there’s a variety of causal factors that contribute to discs compression, which we’ll explain in later articles. The basics you need to know is that the tissue that surround the spine (otherwise known as fascia) become tight and rigid, pulling segments of the vertebrae together, causing excessive pressure to the discs.

So, what’s needed in order to take the pressure off the discs, is for the vertebrae to decompress. That’s where, truly, one the most effective exercises for lower back pain come in; the ELDOA


The ELDOA method is one of the most effective exercises for lower back pain, and we use it a lot at FITCURE. A series of segment specific postures, each ELDOA is designed to target and decompress specific areas of the spine. Say for example, someone is experiencing low back pain due to an L3 herniation or compression, an L2-L3 or L3/L4 ELDOA can help provide some relief to that area if done correctly.

By selecting a specific spinal segment, decompressing the vertebrae via the attached fascia, pressure is taken off the joint, allowing normalization of the disc. Each postural position is unique and utilizes both ends of the body to decompress a specific spinal segment. We emphasize that these postures need to be done correctly in order to gain the benefits of each position.


What’s different about the ELDOA, in comparison to other spinal decompression modalities like inversion tables for example, is that it does not require external factors. The exercises are completely self applied, needing nothing more than your own body. Because so, each exercise can be administered anywhere, anytime. What also makes the ELDOA different is that It’s not a passive exercise, but rather, an active one. Meaning, there is an active participatory demand required so that the body can stretch and maintain itself in a certain position.

Because of this, overtime, your body’s ability to stretch the soft tissue surrounding the spine become easier to manage as the communication lines between the nervous system and muscular system improve. In the long term, this creates a physical restructuring of the bodys posture, which is an amalgamation of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal system, allowing for better long term spinal joint health.


Contact us for an introduction to this amazing method. Whether you have spinal concerns or not, the ELDOA can be a a perfect addition to your fitness, wellness and health needs.

Here's a demo of an L3/L4 ELDOA

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