Fitness in 2019

Nightclubs were a New York foundation. Up until they got a beat down due to some illegal practices that always were a part of the scene. So nowadays the long traditional means of getting together, meeting new people, and having fun has greatly decreased. Simultaneously, the need to maintain a baseline of fitness has greatly increased due to technology, lack of movement, and poor food choices, the latter of which has to do with the overwhelming information the public has access to. Do I Keto? (No) Or do I go vegan? (Please no). Or should I intermittent fast? (Mostly no). Nutrition is a whole other bag of goat yoga (What?! You get that?) so we’ll leave food for another time. 

So, now, the nightclub and the gym have combined. Disco Fit! Classes everywhere for the young majority where you can get out, have a blast while having your ass kicked by some fitness drill sergeant so you can hopefully sweat that same ass off in a series of 45 minute beat downs. Cool. 

But no. If your goal truly is fitness, this can be hit or miss. Since we do offer group fitness classes at FITCURE, I see a lot of people who are exclusively going to classes for their fitness needs. Most common responses I hear or things like “wow that was not like what I’ve been experiencing over at SpineKiller™️  or at Metabolic Frolic ®️.” This is not ideal if science based fitness programming is what you want. And if it isn’t what you want, it IS what you NEED. 

In all seriousness, many of these classes can be fine. When a personalized fitness and wellness program is your base, and you have a pro who can suggest modifications to your supplemental exercise choices, we all can do whatever we want. Just like having that vanilla hot fudge sundae once in a while won’t ruin a diet that is 85% on target. Gotta have some fun with life right? But hot fudge sundaes in place of lean proteins, fruits and veggies everyday might create some serious problems no? 

So, what’s the suggestion? Well in an ideal world everyone could work with a personal trainer 2-3 times week, but even if this is not an option, think about getting an in depth movement assessment that can identify neuromuscular limitations, alignment and breathing challenges and possibly food choices that if corrected, could literally change your life. My evaluation literally built my business 15 years ago. And because it evolved and has gotten so in depth, I’ve helped people with things they never thought a “trainer” could ever help with. One session, one time. Then you can go back with new info specific to your body. Your life. Your needs. 

You should be able to have fun. Just consider that your body needs the proper fuel to allow your brain to dictate proper messages to your muscles, fascia and joints which need to synchronize this info into what we call movement,  And then - rest. Recuperation is technically how and when the results are created. If you don’t heal from the workout, how can you be healthy enough to get stronger, lose weight, or feel awesome? If you got punched in the nose and broke it, another punch in the nose the next day is not so good right? Super hard training the next day could be that punch you don’t recover from if you don’t consider all in relation to all. 

Its technically really really simple. Have a foundation of personal nutrition consistently. Get assessed and find out your specific exercise and movement needs. Address those needs to create balance. Workout! 

If you need any help of even just want to get some ideas, call or email us at I’ll be happy to give you a 15 minute complimentary consult to get you closer to what increases your happy thing. Then you can hit that class or fave spot with more efficiency and capacity to recover, reducing the possibility of injury and hopefully increasing the benefits. 

David PataneComment