Osteopenia and Exercise

Our client Nadine came to us one year ago this week. Amongst a number of health concerns, she was diagnosed with Osteopenia. OSTEOPENIA is a diagnosis given when your bones are considered to be weaker than normal. It is a sort of “pre” osteoporosis. The suggested remedy is “weight bearing exercise” and often medications, and dietary adjustments. The chemical component to how this can happen is very detailed and vast but we can say that the body breaks down when it’s overwhelmed and isn’t getting its needs met. In gist, the body needs to eat in accordance to what you are asking it to manage, move, and get sufficient rest. When any of these components are not in balance, it can break down. Sometimes, medical issues can have side effects, which can be other medical issues like osteopenia.

Let’s get back to Nadine. Last week she had her bone density re evaluation. We knew it was coming as she mentioned it a couple months prior. And a couple weeks prior…. Well her concerns regarding the status of her bone density are laid to rest. Testing showed complete reversal. No Osteopenia. Gone. Now, I will preface this with stating that we did not adjust diet at all for her (even though she needs some adjusting :)). The important thing to consider is that even WITHOUT ideal nutritional adjustments, her diagnosis reversed. We could argue that it might have happened sooner, or that it was strictly from medication (I don’t think so) but why? It happened. Also important to note, our weight bearing exercise here at FITCURE is relative. We started with her mostly on the table doing neuromuscular re-education, ELDOA and NKT. There were a number of imbalances that needed addressing first in order to avoid additional stress to the body. As a system that is already susceptible, you have to ensure that the “corrective” path taken doesn’t make matters worse by applying exercises that are too progressive. We got her on her feet asap. Actually right from day one. We wanted Wolff’s Law to be applied immediately. Wolff’s Law states that bone models along the lines of stress and will adapt to the loads applied to it. In order for bone to stay healthy it needs stimulus. Progressive stimulus. We mostly used gravity. Not much machinery. She also was post mastectomy and was very concerned about affecting the implant. So we had to keep her feelings in consideration. Creative training was imperative.

Now, one year later, she no longer has osteopenia! We are very happy to be involved with Nadine’s healing path and we wanted to spread this story in hopes to give someone else who may be dealing with this or any disease hope. If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or even Osteoporosis, realize that the possibilities to manage or even reverse these issues are strong. You may need more than exercise. Reconsidering nutrition may very well be needed. But nevertheless, you have many, many options. Speak to an expert who works with people with the concern you have. Interview people. Ask questions and be open to the possibility that you have options that can very likely help or even rectify your health.