1-1 and Classes

Personal training has never been so exclusive. After your signature evaluation, our 1-1 exercise coaching programs will serve you in ways you’ve never considered possible.

Looking lean and strong is just one aspect of the integrated experience. Our background in wellness, food intake, anatomy and recovery will address your body, but more importantly, your life.




1-1 Eval with David

Please inquire for availability.

Your FITCURE journey will start here. This 75-90 minute experience is based 20 years of study, education and application and keenly assesses and addresses all things that is life. From neuromuscular relationships that are causing that back twinge, to food intake and stress factors, you will leave with a clear understanding of yourself and how to begin your journey toward your ultimate goals and best life. 

1-1 Exercise Coaching

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A private training experience based on our in depth comprehensive evaluation that will increase strength, decrease movement restrictions, and integrate varying forms of fitness in order to deliver your goals be it fat loss, muscle gain, movement pattern correction, or overall health.

1-1 training also includes current group fitness classes at no additional charge! 

Restorative Breath Work

50 min
Please inquire.

Most of us take breathing for granted. “I’m alive right?” But what many don’t know is that they may be breathing at only the level of survival mode, partially “suffocating” all day and night. This has effects on posture, energy, psychology, blood sugar, digestion and sleep to name but a few. Based on functional and physiological science, your breathing will be assessed and a custom corrective strategy will be created to better balance your ability to manage respiration through specific exercises that will sync the brain/breath system. You can breathe better and possibly increase your ability to manage anxiety, sleep, blood sugar, body aches and much more. 




Semi Private Training + Movement Screen

50 min
Please inquire.

A value driven option that includes the benefit of training alongside your peers. Your coach will conduct this 4 person max session ensuring a goals driven workout customized via your complimentary assessment. The movement screen, included in the semi private program, is a 30 minute assessment of primary movement patterns clarifying correctable movement restrictions forming the basis of your customized program. 





45 min

Sit all day at work? Back issues ? Train heavy ? This class is for you. Whether you’re looking for active recovery, need something that can address your back problems safely, or just need a restorative practice that isn’t yoga, the ELDOA is your answer. 

ELDOA postures are very specific compared to other techniques. ELDOAs are postural self-normalizing techniques designed for widening the space within a chosen segment of the spine. 

Dr. Voyer developed an ELDOA exercise for every articulation in the spine starting at the base of the skull and ending with the sacro-illiac joint. Disc compression existing at any level of the spine can be addressed through a specific ELDOA exercise. In other words, recouperate, re-balance and lengthen. Perfect for those with spinal issues and back pain, or as a perfect between workout recovery method.


60 min

This class is designed to keep you sweating and moving in order to feel "the burn". We move through drills combining exercises in a super set fashion that alternate from increased pace in one movement to slow and deliberate in the other. Minimizing rest and keeping you metabolically challenged, expect to get your butt kicked if you dare to engage in this class. 

CORECURE Integrated

60 min

This level 2 strength class will increase functionality through dynamically integrated abdominal and pelvic strength movements. Take it up a notch and flex, extend and rotate into your best looking body while keeping science and safety at the forefront.

Prerequisite Notes
Students should have a level one capacity prior to this class in order to ensure a safe,results driven experience.


60 min

This level 1 class helps maximize your posture and core control by using abdominal and breathing techniques to hit your abs from isolated and functional angles. Targeted training for specific muscle groups strengthening your abs, diaphragm, back while enhancing spinal alignment.




We use the MindBody system for all group class bookings. Please book your spot by finding your desired class on our full schedule: 





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5 Group Classes

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10 Group Classes

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20 Group Classes

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